Help Restore Hope and Save Lives.

Our communities are currently facing tragic effects from trauma, drug use, and mental health challenges but together we can make a difference. Join our community of monthly givers to bring services and healing to those struggling and their families every single month.
Our Work

100,000 American lives are lost annually from unintentional drug overdoses. We are determined to change this.

We believe that shame, stigma, and disconnection are major drivers of this crisis. This is why our team and everyone we train are equipped to meet people where they are at to offer judgement free connection to support and resources. In addition to providing naloxone, we also offer safer use supplies and connections to ongoing care to promote an individual’s overall health and reduce any future barriers to recovery.


Individuals Naloxone Trained


Naloxone Kits Distributed


Overdose Fatalities Prevented

Note: Overdose reversal numbers are based on statistical estimations. Not all overdoses are potentially fatal and tracking Naloxone used is a challenge.

Impact Stories

"A 21 year old boy overdosed last night. His father had 6 boxes of Narcan that I gave him that came from you. He was able to rush over and save him. I can definitely tell you that he would say thank you from the bottom of his heart."
Lay-Distributor Program Participant
“I actually saved a guy's life the other night with the Narcan you provided me with. Thank you so much.”
mail-Order Program Participant
“The training you and your team provided was absolutely amazing and so informative. You and your team radiated such beautiful energy and compassion and love for all suffering with addiction- exactly what this field needs more of and what I'm vowing to do as well. I'm 6 years sober.”
Training Participant

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About Us

With a history rooted in lived experience, Thrive for Change was started through a collective desire to make a difference, fill service gaps, and save lives.

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