What We Do

Supply Distribution

Equipping communities hit hardest by the opioid epidemic with life saving tools.

Mail Order Narcan & Safer Use Supplies:

Not all communities have access to life-saving Naloxone, which is why Thrive for Change launched their mail order program that allows anyone in Ohio to access it and other safer use supplies for free by mail.

Lay-person Distribution:

Interested in learning how you can distribute Naloxone in your community? Thrive for Change equips others to become what’s called a “Lay-Distributor”. Through this program, individuals or organizations can go through training and be provided a regular bulk supply of Naloxone to hand out. This requires individuals to provide certain reporting back to Thrive for Change and is only offered while supplies are available. To learn more, contact our Harm Reduction Specialist Ashley Rosser.

Community Outreach:

In 2020, Thrive for Change launched their “Outreach Tour” initiative taking a grass roots approach to get Narcan into the hands of those who needed it amidst the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. These efforts continue across Northeast Ohio through monthly community outreach events hosted with a variety of partners, targeted particularly in neighborhoods known to have a high rate of overdose fatalities.

Not only do event participants receive services through Thrive for Change, but through partnerships with over 80 other community organizations, they are able to access a full continuum of resources. These range from basic needs such as groceries, to employment assistance, and healthcare.

A majority of these efforts are conducted in the spring and summer, but small indoor initiatives are held throughout the winter months at various locations.